Low Temperature Sealing Technology

With LandGlass’ exclusive low temperature sealing technology, the surface stress of any position in LandVac tempered vacuum insulated glass exceeds 90MPa, perfectly retaining the safety features of tempered glass against impact.

Teamed up with talents around the world, the core R&D group at LandGlass devoted eight years of hard work to this world-class challenge. Through tens of thousands of processing tests, by integrating the key technologies in vacuum insulted glass production and glass tempering solutions, they have successfully resolved the problem regarding tempered glass annealing in the sealing process and brought the vacuum glass technology to a new level.

Flexible Edge Sealing Technology

Unlike traditional sealing technology using fragile materials, LandVac adopts flexible edge sealing materials that have a much higher thermal resistance against thermal expansion or contraction, making it far more durable and robust against sealing failure caused by temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces and materials aging.

High Vacuum Sealing off Technology

Sealed in a UHV chamber, LandVac is able to maintain the consistency of a high degree vacuum between the layers, therefore ensures its outstanding performance and remarkable durability.

Flat Sealing Technology

By using flat edge sealing technology, LandVac’s sealing does not protrude above the glass surface. This feature ensures easy and safe transportation. It looks even more elegant when mounted in window frames.


The intelligent automation technology adopted on the continuous vacuum glass production line minimizes the human intervention. The clean production environment not only improves the quality of the product, it also warrants the consistency of LandVac’s performance.